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TTA Surgery X-Ray

TTA Surgery X-Ray


TTA Surgery X-Ray

The benefits of TTA Repair Surgery

The benefits of the newest TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) repair surgeries, is the length of time required before your dog can return to a normal life with exercise without restrictions. Because the Ostoeotomy (cutting of the bone) in the Tibial Tuberosity advancement procedure is done in a non weight bearing area of the knee(s), dogs are able to return to normal activities more quickly than they would be able to after undergoing a TPLO or the traditional (extracapsular imbrication) surgery. Most TTA patients begin weight bearing during walking within the first 24 to 48 hours after completion of the surgical procedure. The healing process will take 8 to 12 weeks. I will go over what to expect and how to prepare for your dog’s return home. We had the TTA surgery performed on our girl, but what made her surgery different is she had to have a bilateral. That’s right both knees went. A week before surgery we had a sling so we could get her outside to relieve herself.


COST for TTA Surgery

The cost for TTA surgery will vary, but it will range anywhere between $2,400- $5,500.00. Depending on if your dog is having a single or a bilateral. With bilateral surgery the hospital stay is usually two days. This cost does not include the Physical therapy after surgery which I highly recommend. Physical Therapy can range anywhere between $300.00-$500.00 dollars depending on the individual dog. I will tell you doing the Physical Therapy exercise’s at home can be time consuming but also entertaining. It’s very important to follow through on all exercises, plus it helps with your pet’s boredom which can occur while being confined. Seeing your dog’s progress is well worth it.


One really important step of TTA surgery recovery is the food intake of your pet after surgery. It is recommended to cut their meals by 1/3. It is especially important to keep your pet’s weight down during this time of healing. It’s not only optimal for recovery but for overall health. Plus the fact they’re not able to do their normal activities, being confined will promote weight gain.

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